Female Founders

We Believe...

…That entrepreneurship is the new women’s movement and so we should do all we can to support it. Female founded small businesses contribute £85 billion to the UK’s economic output every year, yet are vastly underfunded. If women started businesses at the rate of men, this would contribute £250 billion into the economy over five years, as well as enabling us the freedom to work in a way that works for us; to care for our families and to fulfil our potential to benefit society. 

If we all shopped from female founded businesses once a month, we’d repurpose £1.3 billion — so you really are voting with your money every time you do. By pooling our resources, sharing our knowledge and shining a light on our role models, we can start to change the business landscape forever.

How we're making change

Turning our missions into action, here are just some of the ways we’re supporting more women to build their dreams.

Conversations of Inspiration

We’re passionate about putting female founders in the spotlight and over half of Holly’s podcast guests are incredible women in business. Listen, share and shout about these episodes to help us change the landscape for future female founders.

Bobbi Brown

Building a world famous beauty empire with Bobbi Brown, founder of Bobbi Brown and Jones Road Beauty.

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Julie Deane OBE

Building a brand from the kitchen table with Julie Deane OBE, founder of the Cambridge Satchel Company.

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Asma Khan

The journey to fulfilment and happiness with Asma Khan, founder of Darjeeling Express.

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Dame Stephanie 'Steve' Shirley

The magnitude of what can be achieved when you refuse to settle with Dame Stephanie 'Steve' Shirley.

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