Campaign Shop Independent

We’re passionate about cheerleading independents all year round, but during the summertime and at Christmas we launch extra special campaigns to raise awareness of all the ways people can support small, and why it’s vital to do so.

In summer, we tour across the UK, visiting high streets, sharing stories and spending a whole month campaigning. On Shop Independent Day (25th June), we have a final celebration exactly six months before Christmas Day, so it’s a timely reminder that shopping small isn’t just for the festive season. 

Then throughout November and December, we harness the collective power of all kinds of independents, to cut through the noise of multi-million pound advertising campaigns as we know Christmas is ‘make or break’ for many small businesses. For half a decade we’ve supported thousands, while reaching millions of consumers. Discover more about our previous campaigns below.

Christmas 2021

After more than 18 months of a global pandemic, we knew that Christmas 2021 could be make or break for many of the UK’s small businesses. So we shouted from the rooftops to encourage the nation to swap some of their usual Christmas spend to support independents instead. Starting with Colour Friday (an exciting new alternative to Black Friday) and closing the year in style with the Independent Awards, collectively with our co-mmunity, we made a lot of noise in recognition of creative small businesses.

Summer 2021

Hmm, what would be a truly magical way to help people understand the importance of supporting small? Visit loads of UK independents in a giant, multi-coloured bus and share their stories? Commission original artwork and get people to paste it up nationwide? Create podcasts, films and more? Or all of the above?


2020 was the bigger than ever! From the first annual Independent Awards to our Small Business Stories and the incredible Flying the Flag campaign. We all rallied together to encourage everyone to vote with their money and shop independently.


We created a free campaign pack, in partnership with our partners at NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland, for small business owners to shout about their independence and to encourage the wider community to understand the value of their money.   

500 packs were sent out across the UK – from Aberdeenshire to Plymouth – and collectively we have reached over half a million people through social media. A brilliant reminder that we’re stronger together.


We picked up our placards and marched along our local high street to encourage everyone to support #CampaignShopIndependent over the festive period. 

Hundreds of you pledged your support by creating artwork inspired by the campaign and sharing the message with your communities.


In 2017 we realised that we’d been asleep at the wheel for too long. Bemoaning the clone towns we live in and supporting the rise of faceless, tax avoiding giants, but there weren’t any serious conversations about bringing about change and so we launched #CampaignShopIndependent.

It brought together the independent business community and encouraged us all to shout about why shopping independently is the way forward!