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How to listen to podcasts

by team Holly & Co

Fill them with music and secrets. Dress them in gold. Tune out noisy neighbours… There are lots of lovely things we can do for our ears. In fact, according to Statista Research, more than 15 million of us in the UK are using ours to listen to podcasts¹. And it’s easy to see why.

For anyone who doesn’t know, a podcast is a series of audio episodes, usually designed to entertain or educate the listener, and many good ones are free. You can listen to fascinating conversations with really interesting people at your leisure. Or for work-related info, you can find out about super niche subjects to supercharge your business or career in less than an hour AND someone else has done the hard work for you. They’ll share the finely distilled wisdom — that they’ve walked barefoot over Lego in the dark to learn — and all you need to do is eavesdrop.

You don’t even need more hours in the day to do it as you can multitask. Whether you’re making dinner, working on something or getting dressed, you can find out about everything from how to conquer imposter syndrome to leveraging the power of Instagram while you’re at it, and come away wonderfully enlightened. So if you’re not one of the estimated 50% of UK adults who’ve tried them², here’s a foolproof guide to how to listen to podcasts; from choosing your preferred app, to finding new favourites.

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