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Small businesses: should you be buying a laptop or desktop?

by team Holly & Co, with Dell Technologies

If your initial thought was, “Um…what?! I’ve just been working with what I’ve got!!”, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. When we set up small businesses, and are working fast and the money’s tight, buying a new computer isn’t likely to be top of our lists. But the differences between laptops and desktops are larger than we might think. 

It can be bewildering to marry together your business and the perfect technology as there will be pros and cons for each. But spending a few minutes thinking about it now could help you make sure you’ve got a kit that can evolve with your business as it grows.

Yes, laptops are clearly great for being able to turn anywhere with a strong enough WiFi signal into a workspace. Especially if the house is filled with dogs/kids/general chaos. But will it give you the speed you need when you’ve got a database full of orders or want to launch a whizzy new creative programme on there? Transportability is only one consideration when comparing desktops to laptops. With help from our friends at Dell Technologies, we’re highlighting the two key questions you should ask yourself…

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