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The golden age of redundancy

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There’s no easy way of saying this. Being made redundant can hurt like infidelity. It’s often a blindsider. An affront. Especially when you’re eight months pregnant and have just bought a new house (but more on that later). The fact is, unless you’ve got substantial savings, there’s likely to be an instant panic about money. Then a crisis of confidence. And even though we know it’s for business reasons, it’s hard not to take it personally so there’s that too. Plus there’s a lot of it about.

According to recent BBC research, in the three months to June 2021, there were 99,000 redundancies made in the UK, and prior to that, a further 308,000 were made in the three months before January¹.

With furlough ending, we know there are likely to be more still. Great! Another lump of depressing news with a side order of doom. But is it? There’s a whole other narrative that’s just as true and infinitely more heartening.

400,000 new businesses have been set up since January 2021². It seems many people used the continued furlough scheme and redundancy to dust off the old dreams they might once have had about starting new businesses…and made it happen. For many, it’s a springboard into the kind of life they could only ever have imagined.

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