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Mental Wellbeing

What I learnt from 'volume down' time

by Holly 

I had an epiphany this summer.

‘Annual leave’ doesn’t enter into a founder’s vocabulary — and yet we also know that as founders we need to recharge, in order to bring our very best to the business. For me, a two week holiday always turned into more stress. I felt out of control, guilty about not being at work, not giving the family my full attention, frustrated that I was still working on the beach. No one was winning — least of all me!

So I knew I had to find a new way, a way that would allow me the space to think creatively, but one that didn’t feel too constrained with expectations to ‘switch off!’ or the classic idea of ‘OOO’.

I always say that as a founder you’re constantly learning new things, the moment you think you ‘know it all’ is the moment to question if you are moving the company forward.

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