I’m thrilled to welcome Avon to the Holly & Co family as our latest partner.

As a brand that is committed to empowering women to do beauty their way, I really am incredibly proud to be working with them. What I actually couldn’t even believe, is that Avon offered women the opportunity to make a living before, in many countries, women even had the right to vote.

To date, as one of the UK’s top five beauty brands, the global beauty giant has donated over $1 billion to breast cancer causes, including education and funding over 16million breast health screenings, plus, over $88million to tackle domestic violence worldwide.

I can’t wait to share more about what we have planned for our partnership. Welcome to the family, Team Avon.

Become an Avon Representative

No 9-5. No earning limits. Sell online & offline, with no set hours, targets or limits. Earn as much as you want by leveraging a ready-made business model to supplement your income.

Why become a Rep?

When you become an Avon Rep, you can take your financial freedom into your own hands. You can work the hours that suit you and build your business the way you want. You can sell top-rated beauty products by Avon and be part of a community of Reps and Sales Leaders. You’ll have all the training & support you need to kick start your journey.

“As an independent Avon rep, there’s no pressure, no 9 to 5, it’s on your terms, which is the way it should be.”  – Laura, Avon Rep

If you’re looking to focus your entrepreneurial spirit into a new opportunity and are keen to join a network of incredible women like Laura, then register your interest and find out more.

Avon is the most incredible brand, truly using business as a force for good, empowering women with economic freedom and giving them access to the tools to build a thriving income stream within a supportive community. I couldn't be prouder to partner with them."

Holly Tucker MBE