Should I come to The Congregation of Inspiration?

Yes! Absolutely! You should definitely come. The day will utterly inspire you, providing real advice and tackle issues at the heart of building a small business in a new and colourful way (we like to think of it of all the ungoogleable things!) Our conference is for all stages of the journey; if you’re already running a successful creative business or you’re just thinking about starting a future small business, then The Congregation of Inspiration is for you.

The commonality is attitude; a colourful and creative approach and mindset. Are you ready to learn and to share what you know? Do you want to be the boss of your own business? Or do you find yourself falling out of love with your own business, confused about which step to take next? Then join us on the 28th September and learn how to do just that. We believe we are stronger together, we believe in community over competition, we think that everyone deserves a tribe of people who have their back. Find yours at The Congregation of Inspiration.

I have an idea for a small business but I’m not yet a ‘founder’, can I still buy a ticket?

Absolutely! Whatever stage of the journey you’re at, you’re very welcome to join us. The day will be so beneficial for you, whether you’re already a founder or you’re thinking about becoming one in the future.

I’m not a creative small business - but definitely a creative person. Can I still buy a ticket?

We’ve created this event with creative small businesses in mind, and whilst the content will be geared towards them, we know that many so people will find the day hugely inspiring, so you are very welcome to join us. Please note that if you provide a service to small businesses, you’ll need to apply for the ‘Industry Expert’ ticket.

How much does the CI cost?

£175.00 Founder Ticket – excluding VAT (£35.00) and booking fee (£6.30).

£145.00 Co-Founder Ticket – excluding VAT (£29.00) and booking fee (£5.22).

I’m an industry expert, can I attend?

Absolutely, we have a separate ticket for industry experts who have a creative and fresh approach to small business services. These tickets are very limited in number and applications close on 5th September.

We want to connect you with the right people, so you will be given a gorgeous name badge and a mention in the annual, to let others know you attended and your contact details.  We’ve been asked why this is – the answer is twofold; 1. We want to make sure we have a small and great mix of industry experts from across different sectors. 2. It means we can promote you to our founders that are attending, connect you and add you to our programme.

What is included in the ticket price?

Ticket price covers entry to a full day of inspiration….plus a few surprises along the way and a fab tote bag full of goodies.  We believe the best way to remain creative and inspired is to be fully fed and watered! Its why your ticket price also includes Holly & Co-ffee’s, creativi-TEAs and snacks throughout the day, as well as your lunch, plus an evening cocktail to toast your new friends with.

Is there a payment plan?   

We’re so pleased to say yes, there is! We know cash flow is tricky when you’re running your own business you’d like to split your payments over the next few months, rather than paying upfront, choose this option.

Payment plans can be set up until Friday 17th August. After this date, all tickets must be paid for upfront.

What should I wear?

We want you to feel your best at The Congregation of Inspiration, so use it as an excuse to wear your most favourite outfit and look your best. But there is no official dress code, no fashion police on hand, and there are plenty of attendees who don’t worry about their latest look. However, if you want to dress up a little, go for it. Oh, and we love a little bit of glitter!

What things should I bring?

Business cards will be a great way to connect – the more creative the better!

Can I get a press/media pass?

We have a very small number of press passes available – if you wish to apply for one, please email [email protected]

How do I become a sponsor?

We’re working with some brilliant brands, who believe in the power of small, to bring the the Congregation of Inspiration to life.  We believe that any sponsor involved must be a perfect match with us and align with our values and ethos. If you think your company fits the bill, then email us at [email protected]