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Cat Anderson

Treen is a vegan fashion retailer, their main aim is to make the transition from fast to slow fashion less of a challenge!

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Bon Tot

Kristina Currie

Bon Tot is a “modern kids store for modern families” - they curate collections of slow, sustainable fashion plus eco fashion products too!

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The Gym Kitchen

Segun Akinwoleola

Segun grew up in East London and there was one place where he and his friends could always have fun… the Gym! It’s this enjoyment that inspired him to launch!

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Holly’s Gin


The Gin is distilled in copper pot stills called Doris and Rose in Saltash, Cornwall. Holly fills, labels and handwrites each bottle too!

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Squirrel Sisters

Gracie & Sophie Tyrrell

Whilst Sophie was recovering from major heart surgery, her sister Gracie wanted her to be able to eat indulgent that was also 100% natural & that’s how the brand was born!

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Cooper King Distillery

Abbie and Chris

Husband and wife team Chris and Abbie built their sustainable distillery from scratch after and seeing the early stages of a hand-crafted whiskey industry coming to life in Tasmania.

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It was an honour to win the ad space, recording my own voice felt completely out of my comfort zone but I’m so glad I pushed past my doubts and did it! The advert introduced my brand to a whole new audience, I made genuine connections with like minded business owners and was selected to be involved in my first London based pop up shop as a direct result of the ad.

Chloe Torpey, founder of Olive and Frank

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