One of our missions, is to inspire and educate the next generation through entrepreneurship.

Holly wants everyone to ‘find their diamond’ and build a business doing that they love. Showing kids that they don’t have to follow the traditional path and that creativity is just as important as academia. That all children have a ‘why’ a diamond that they need to grace the world with. 90% of all successful entrepreneurs she’s interviewed have not followed the conventional path of schooling, but learnt lessons through the ‘school of life’ – Holly wants to share these lessons with the younger generation.

Like anything, it starts at home and at school, and that is why this account is aimed at parents and teachers. All children will welcome, but this account’s aim is to empower the people who will give children the permission to think differently, whilst liberating themselves from the shackles of conformity. A creative hub parents and teachers to inspire the next generation – that they are enough.