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Halloween witches hat and skeleton bones cape, by Florence & Bunny and crochet pumpkin, by Look What We Learnt

Forget Easter or even Christmas. Halloween is my niece Olive’s absolute favourite occasion. I mean, creativity mixed with sweets mixed with mischief? It’s got her name written all over it. Each year, we take great delight in decorating the house together and gathering everyone round for a spooky hang out.

When it comes to dressing up, I absolutely love the idea that Halloween costumes should be high quality and re-fashioned so that they’re able to be worn time and time again, rather than wasting money on throwaway items and contributing to the dreaded landfill (agghhh!).

Judging by this little monster’s grin, I’ve a feeling this might well be what Olive will be wearing this year, although we’ll need to be quick. The pre-orders finish on 2nd October as mum of three Holly makes them all by hand. She also stocks her Hocus Pocus and Cruella capes, Pierrot hats and bat wings so there’s plenty to choose from.

Ghost cape and Boo headband, by Florence & Bunny


This was actually one of Olive’s favourites a few years ago. She became the cosiest cat in soft cotton corduroy. It’s also something that’s not just for Halloween but makes a lovely autumn/winter outfit too. In fact, we’ve just handed it down for our co-founder’s little kittens to enjoy.

Girls cat dress pinafore, by Wild Things

Now this is the kind of thing my sister and I would have spent hours on when we were little — an interactive t-shirt that you can draw on with a pen light and then it glows in the dark. It’s basically just a lot of joy waiting to happen.

Kids glow in the dark t-shirt, by Little Mashers

Of course, all self respecting witches also need to accessorise, so these Mimi & Lula Halloween hair clips — available from independent children’s shop Molly Meg — are just the thing.

Mimi & Lula Halloween mini hair clips pack of eight, from Molly Meg

I love this idea from Aunty Mims… A little shout out to all the other mums suddenly finding themselves rustling up a Harry Potter costume at 10 o’clock at night (Bobbi Brown had a superb story on this very subject when I chatted to her on my podcast — well worth a listen if you’re suffering any mum guilt!). Of course these are often the most environmentally friendly options as you end up largely relying on what you’ve already got.

‘Last minute costume maker’ patch, by Mims and Family


If you want more ways to keep the kids inspired this October (not to mention, quiet as a graveyard), try these creepy crayons. They make a brilliant alternative to sweets, and are a colourfully creative way to encourage the minis to make something wonderfully Halloweeny.

Pumpkin Halloween crayons, by Crayonbox

Alternatively, pick one of these brilliant ‘witches and wizards’ boxes by LoLA (Lots of Lovely Art) who like to inspire kids to be independently creative at home. They make lots of different artist or process-inspired art packs where you get ideas, instructions and materials to make something on that theme. This one’s great as it looks at artists and styles that were influenced by the mystical and the magical, so kids can make a spell book, magic wand, potions, spiders’ webs and even their own owls and dragons. I quite fancy having a go myself actually.

Witches and wizards box, by LoLA


Now for something every parent wants floating in their coffee… a melting eyeball. Actually it’s not for coffee (or even necessarily for parents). It’s actually cleverly decorated luxury Belgian white chocolate that melts and oozes to make the creamiest hot chocolate — and that’s not even the best bit. Some are flavoured with Nutella® and some with Biscoff®, and inside, are lots of mini marshmallows. These are bound to be a hit in any household (especially mine).

Hot choc eyeball bombs pack of four, by Sweet Tree by Browns

Now look below. Is this a treat or is it a trick? Because it could almost be a costume as well as a tasty snack and it will disappear before your very eyes. Made from 72% Ecuador dark chocolate and piped with vegan oat milk chocolate, these Mexican Day of the Dead skulls are handcrafted and decorated by a lovely lady called Jacqui in Dorset. She even wraps them in compostable bags — perfect.

Rosa the dark chocolate skull bar, by Chococo


Speaking of which, forget plastic buckets, this beautifully embroidered basket will last for years to come and is a good size for minis to collect all their goodies in. They were actually one of the very first products we stocked in our Holly & Co shop many years ago. You’ll need to jump on your broomstick quick-smart though as the pre-orders finish on 5th October. 

Halloween ‘Trick/Treat’ embroidered mini basket, by Edit 58

Of course if you don’t fancy going out into the cold and would rather snuggle up for a cosy night in (erm, yes please), take a look at my Hygge Halloween post for ideas on how to dress up your house, plan your Halloween party or serve foodie treats in spooky style. Enjoy!

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