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Whether it’s a beautifully embossed leather notebook or a bunch of rainbow coloured pencils, I’m happy to confess that my stationery crush runs deep. The world’s greatest ideas often start with a line of ink on a piece of paper, and so this collection of unique and stylish additions for your desk will arm you with all the pens, paper, cards, pots, folders and desk lights you need to achieve the extraordinary, and be limitlessly creative.

Pencil Me In Pencils

Let’s get down to business pencils, by Pencil Me In: Ready to change the world? These silver foil embossed pencils will remind you every day to focus your energy, get cracking and achieve your dreams. They’re also from a company who are as passionate about British design and stationery as we are.

Pencil Light

Pencil desk light, by Michael & George: In order to come up with your best ideas, your desk needs to be clutter-free and set to inspire. This beautiful ode to the pencil is crafted from solid wood and polished brass, and was created in collaboration with Michael & George to feature in my book.

We all make mistakes eraser

We all make mistakes rubber, by Nicola Rowlands: Sometimes in life, we need to have a second go at something, and thankfully, Nicola Rowlands has created a colourful stripy eraser to rub away errors and remind us that mistakes are what makes us human.

Pencil Shaving Pot

Pencil shaving desk tidy, by Clive Roddy: These spiral pots are the creation of Clive Roddy, an expert in all things distinctive and ingenious. I just love them as they keep the chaos of your workspace in check while bringing serious style points to boot.

Bollocks Notepad

Letterpressed ‘bollocks’ notecards, by Marby & Elm: These witty cards from Marby & Elm are sure to raise a smile when they fly through the letterbox. An elegant design with a good old swear word stamped within, this lively correspondence will take you back to the days of passing cheeky notes under classroom desks.

Stationary Folder

Carry all folder, by Present & Correct: When Present & Correct’s founder Neal was on my Conversations of Inspiration podcast, I learned his title is ‘Head Paperclip’. How cool is that? And how brilliant is this folder design? It’s the perfect desk tidy, and can be stored laid down or stood up.

Calligraphy Pot

Meticulous iron gall ink, by Meticulous Ink: Want to try calligraphy or just need fresh ink? Either way, this one’s handmade in small batches using a medieval recipe that reacts to air and light, and gets darker over time. Even the pot’s stunning. No wonder founder Athena was an Independent Award Winner.

Stay Sharp Pencil Case

‘Stay sharp’ pencils in case, by Ark, from Full Stop: Gold pencils deserve an elegant home and this beautifully embossed leather sleeve makes a fitting protective cover, while reminding you to keep bringing your A-game. They’re also handy for keeping in your bag so you need never mislay a pencil again.

Dreams Notebook

Dreams notebook, by Choosing Keeping: The founders of Choosing Keeping say Sigmund Freud called dreams “the royal road to the unconscious”, while Carl Jung preferred “a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the soul”. Whatever you call yours, this leather notebook is the perfect place to keep them.

Zoom Hanger

The classic Zoomhanger, by The Garage Press: Ever had a Zoom call disturbed by a teenager belting out music or a partner wanting to know where to find the eggs? The forward-thinking folk at The Garage Press have created this beautifully designed, clever solution.

Pencil Ring

Write on pencil ring, by Me and Zena: How effortlessly cool is this pencil ring by Me & Zena? Intricately detailed, this cheerful yellow hand cheerer-upper will bring a fun touch to any outfit. Plus it’s from a UK jewellery brand worn by Rihanna and Cara Delevingne no less.

Notebook by the Ink Pot

Customisable A5 lined journal, by The Ink Pot: Kidpreneur and stationery aficionado Eva has created a brilliant selection of notebooks which you can personalise with the foil emblem and colour of choice. I’m all about the hummingbird; a symbol of joy and good luck (as featured in Holly & Co’s logo!).

Pencil Box by Mabel & Co

HMSO pencil box, by Mabel & Co: This smart home for your pencils is hand-letterpressed on a machine that’s 180 years old — how incredible is that? As well as being modelled on the designs of HMSO, who provided stationery to the Government for 210 years, it’s a vintage-style gem.

Clay Pencil Pot

Pencil tidy, by Wordplay Clay: Witty with words and constantly creative with her ceramics, Jessica makes her prized pottery in small batch quantities and they’re highly sought after, so you’ll need to jump on quickly and subscribe to her newsletter for shop updates and availability.

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