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I mean, was there ever a more ‘me’ collection?! Possibly not but I know I’m not alone in my Frida Kahlo obsession. Such a pure heart, such a poignant reminder to risk being ourselves no matter what. And that’s what makes giving the gift of Frida so special. Whether it’s for those who need to be reminded of her spirit and colour or you just have little ones you’d love to inspire, here are some of my favourite Frida finds.

Frida Egg Cup

Frida egg cups, by Katch Skinner: Can also be used as salt pots, mini plant or candle holders and more. Her sisters Emily Pankhurst, Ada Lovelace, Billie Holiday and Jane Austen are available, too.

Frida hanger

Frida hanger, by Red Hang Gang: With Frida’s precious flowers individually hand painted in her hair — these are perfect for hanging any mini Frida’s power clothes on.

frida cocktail mug

Frida cocktail mug, by Shakers & Makers: You could gift these fun handmade mugs with a promise of a Frida-inspired cocktail night to put the world to rights. Or for non-drinkers, just add dried flowers to make a vase of dreams.

Frida necklace by Patroula

Frida necklace, by Patroula: This carefully crafted Mexican heart necklace represents the spirit of Frida; a wearable reminder of what it is to be human, to embrace our flaws and to dare to fly.

Frida puppet

Cut and make paper puppets, by Wini-Tapp: My chief tester Olive loved making hers. This brand is named after the maker’s grandma, a “classy artistic lady who played the accordian”. Now I love it even more.

Fumbalina headdress

Headdresses and headpieces, by Fumbalinas: True, unfiltered, glorious artistry (Frida would be proud). Featured in Vogue, worn by Madonna and also by me when I married in 2020, these pieces are guaranteed to make you feel incredible.

Frida cake pops

Frida cake pops, by POP Bakery: Each brilliant mini Frida is baked and shaped to perfection in POP’s bakery in Queens Park. Pre-order them for special occasions (they keep for around 10 days in the fridge).

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    Oooh, this has given me lots of ideas! Thank you Holly Xx

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