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Occasions done differently


You won’t be surprised to learn that decorating my home is somewhat of a favourite activity of mine. Especially when I’m having people over. My heart sings when I find little ways to fill it with love so that people really feel it and know, from the second they step inside, that they are surrounded by warmth, affection and a touch of creativity. And who better to reflect some heart and personality within our walls than UK small businesses? Whether it be with a vibrant dish or a showstopping work of art — you can even bring some love to your curtain ties (see below).

Sign saying 'love'

Bespoke large painted wooden sign, by Modo Creative: It’s love and it’s supersized. These wooden signs are cut and painted in Emma and Andrew’s Yorkshire mill studio. Something else you want to shout about? Each piece can be made with a word of your choice. Which one means the most to you?

Floral wreath in a heart shape

Floral wreath, by Myrtle & Smith: There’s nothing lovelier than finding a warm way to invite people into your nest than a door decorated with a pink floral wreath from Twickenham-based florist Myrtle & Smith. Home is where the heart is, after all.

'Love wins' decoration

Love decorations, by Amy Swann: Dearest Amy creates the most exceptional ceramic and wooden heart decorations. Her style is so distinctive and colourful. They’re beautiful tokens that resemble a heart full of dreams, love, and bravery which make them the perfect talismans to have about your home.

Embossed hearts decoration

Ex-voto embossed heart set of five, by Oklahoma: Made of embossed tin, these ex-votos are so versatile – popped on the dining table for a burst of colour, hung in windows or for decorating indoor plants. The name comes from the Latin ‘ex-voto suscepto’, meaning ‘from the vow made’. They are devotional objects intended to give thanks for granted wishes, prayers and intentions. How apt!

Milagro heart

Large milagro heart, by RE-Found Objects: This giant pressed metal heart is a shiny showstopper. At home, I’ve used them to decorate my curtain ties. They’re traditionally used to show gratitude for prayers answered, so it’s a lovely encouragement to count our blessings.

Plate with 'love' on it

Gallery ‘love’ large red plate, by Daylesford Organic: We’re big foodie lovers in our house, so it feels right that our table reflects this long-held passion. Each one of these handmade plates is created by artisans in Portugal out of robust terracotta — perfect for a feast.

Loved Cushion

Love, love, love cushion, by Jan Constantine: What’s better than love? Three times as much of it. This cosy cushion is lovingly made using cream and black felt wool and features the striking blanket stitching that wonderful Jan is best known for.

Need more inspiration? Try my gift guides for lifting sad hearts, foodie treats or all my favourite things. Have you found something wonderful in this collection for your home? Do let me know in the comments below.


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