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I absolutely love sending letters. So much so that before the first Lockdown I panicked and bought 200 stamps to make sure I wasn’t caught short. There’s nothing like a handwritten declaration of love — to your partner, friends or minis. I just really like the idea of nuzzling in between the bills and junk mail on the doormat with something infinitely brighter to combat the grey, so this year I’m sending 10. Who will you be posting a smile to this Valentine’s Day?

Love letter card, by Pressed and Folded: It’s no secret that I adore handwritten notes, and the founders of Pressed and Folded, Malissa and James Brown, have created this beautiful letter pressed card — perfect for carrying lovely words to the one you love.

Sequined envelope addressed to Holly

Sequin love note, by Kate Gwilliam: A dear friend commissioned this envelope keepsake for me by Kate Gwilliam, AKA The Queen of Sequins. It contains a secret embroidered note inside that will never fade or tear with age and makes my heart sing every time I see it. What would you have written?

Origami love letters

Origami love letter, by PaperArgonautsNow this is clever. Based on 18th century origami puzzle purses, these double-sided love letters unfold to reveal a Victorian inspired poem. Each one is screen printed, finished with gold leaf and can be personalised with hand painted initials on the back. Gifting this is like gifting magic.

Print with XOXO

XOXO love letter – Fluro Pink + Red, by Dave Buonaguidi: These beautiful handwritten love letters from the past have been brought firmly into the future with ‘XOXO’, short for hugs and kisses, in Dave’s signature fluorescent print. And if you’re impressed with his style and want to know how he quit the rat race to become an artist, listen to his inspiring podcast episode here.

Terms of endearment kit

‘Terms of endearment’ matchbook, by Imogen Owen, from The Paper Parlour: This matchbox is filled with six fun (and sometimes naughty) tear out cards for you to hand out or even use as table settings. Each one has been handmade in the UK on a traditional printing press.

Calligraphy kit with ribbon

Copperplate calligraphy beginner kit, by Meticulous Ink: If you want to bring some wow factor to your letters, then it might be time to try some calligraphy. Founder Athena — our People’s Choice Award winner for 2020 — makes beautiful kits that contain all you need to learn, and give your letters a standout, swirly edge.

Letters of affection

Random notes of love, by Bread & Jam: Sometimes there doesn’t have to be a reason, and these six lovely notecards from Cumbrian husband and wife team Catherine and Jamie are perfect for popping into a partner’s bag or a friend’s letterbox with a little message ‘just because’. See this article for another cunning use for them too.

Envelope embosser

Heart monogram embosser, by Stomp Stamps: You’ve written a beautiful card, so don’t let yourself down with the envelope. This handheld embosser will press the initials of you and your love into paper — what an absolutely lovely touch.

reasons i love you card

Six love note mini envelope card, by Berylune: Now, this really is a genius idea. A card with teeny envelopes that you can fill with reasons why your partner is your one and only (whether that be their smile, the way they make you feel, or their disastrous singing voice).

wax seals that say 'with love'

Self adhesive ‘with love’ wax seals, by Skinny Malink: I’ve always loved the idea of a wax seal. It brings to mind secret love letters of the past. Melting the stuff yourself is a fiddly task however, so these shiny gold ones are a beautifully simple alternative.

Ink pot that says 'all the words I wish I could say to you' on it

Ink bottle complete with ink (and unspoken feelings), by [vinegar & brown paper]: Andy’s such a whizz at engraving clever words and phrases into glass. I’m not saying a beautiful inkwell is key to solving writer’s block, but this classic piece feels like it will bring out the inner romantic in all of us.

Need more inspiration? Try my Valentine’s gift guides for the little ones, husbands and friends. Got a favourite in this collection? Do let me know in the comments below.


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