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There’s a lovely quote that says, “A friend is one who overlooks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden.” Life’s frankly a bit rough sometimes. We face dark days, we have to live without those we love and we try to come to terms with difficulties of all kinds. This can be even harder at certain times of the year, so just offering a tiny slice of sunshine to those with heavy hearts can make a world of difference. Here are some ideas.

You make the world a brighter place pin

‘You make the world a brighter place’ enamel pin, by Angela Chick: I love that Angela’s designs are so playful. This little pin has the power to bring a lot of cheer. The lightbulb can be pinned to a jacket or beanie hat as a reminder to a sad soul of the light they bring to the world.

Heart pillow with 'courage is my superpower'

‘Courage’ heart plushie, by Nicola Rowlands: A cuddle may not solve everything, but it will usually help. If your loved one is miles away or just needs reminding of how brave they are, how about sending this comforting plushie by superstar illustrator Nicola Rowlands? It’s possibly the best substitute for an in-person squeeze there is.

Someone reading the Happy Newspaper

A happy newspaper subscription, by The Happy News by Emily Coxhead: Let’s face it, the news can be depressing. But good stories and wonderful things happen around us every day. Thankfully, joyful Emily seeks them out and prints them, and you can get them delivered regularly to a friend who might need to read them. These 32 pages of goodness might be just what the doctor ordered.

Card that says 'you are stronger and braver than you think'

Bear & boy all occasions card, by Katy Pillinger Designs: Sometimes it’s easy to forget our own strength, isn’t it? All of Katy’s delicate designs are created in her Cornwall studio and this delightful card will be a boost of motivation for your loved one, and remind them that they really are capable of anything they set their mind to.

Everything is going to be ok embroidery hoop

‘Everything is going to be ok’ mini motivator craft kit, by Make & Mend Company: Stitching is so good for the soul. This embroidery hoop by lovely Rachel and Lyndsey will be a mood-boosting mindful activity, so that with each tug of thread, the weight of the world will hopefully feel less heavy.

Personalised 'take what you need tokens' from Modo Creative

Personalised ‘take what you need’ tokens by Modo Creative: Courage? Confidence? Energy? They’re all here in this lovely collection of birch ply tokens from dream team Emma and Andrew, ready to send to loved ones with a message to ‘take what you need’. You can even personalise the bag for an extra thoughtful touch, too.

Card that says 'you're so incredibly loved'

‘You’re so incredibly loved’ card, by Nicola Rowlands: I think it’s so important to let our loved ones know how cherished they are and this is a statement to warm the heart and lift the spirits. Nicola’s cheerful cards have strong eco-credentials too as they’re printed on recycled card. Such a lot to love.

Token that says 'this too shall pass'

‘This too shall pass’ pocket cloud, by Kutuu: Whether it’s held tightly in a pocket or propped up on a desk, this solid pewter cloud from the keepsake specialists at Kutuu is here to tell us that the skies will soon clear, and more joyful days lie ahead.

Pink medal with a heart on it

Handmade heart medal, by Rock Cakes: A little award for courage and bravery. Lovely Sarah handprints and sews each one by hand in her workshop in Brighton. Can you think of a more fitting way to acknowledge just how incredible your friend has been?

Blurt Foundation

‘54 reasons why you matter’ card pack, by Blurt: Got a friend who might have forgotten just how wonderful they are? Why not send them 54 little reminders? Designed by the genius folk at Blurt to help banish negative thoughts, these cards are just the thing to surprise someone with sunshine.

Chocolate bar with decorative wrapper by Arthouse

Rumble postcard, by ARTHOUSE Unlimited: I spoke to lovely Becky on my podcast about her extraordinary charity that represents artists living with neuro-diverse and physical support needs. These delicious chocolate postcards have a tasty flavour range, and help support a talented group of creators doing what they love.

Paper crown with 'loved' on it

‘Loved’ party hat, by Hadley Paper Goods: If you want to make someone feel ten feet tall, look no further than these beautiful, adjustable crowns. As well as looking lovely, they’re made from an eco-friendly blend of recycled paper and citrus peel so you’ll be championing eco-friendliness, too.

Need more inspiration? Try my Valentine’s gift guides for decorating the home, for husbands and for those who love sending letters. What would bring a smile to your friend’s face? Do let me know in the comments below.

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