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Actually there’s a very good reason for this as they were at the heart of my very first business, selling vegetable wreaths at the local village fair. My love for them has never waned. Whether they’re on chopping boards, napkins or are even little hand-crafted crochet ones, I’m passionate about any that are made with a healthy dose of creativity, spadefuls of skill and are bound to do you the world of good. Seriously though, how talented are these makers?! Let’s use them before we lose them.

Alex Ebdon Cropping Board

Painted vegetable chopping boards, by Alex Ebdon: Alex Ebdon is honestly one of the most talented artists I’ve ever worked with. Each unique piece features fruit, veg or flowers and is hand painted on vintage boards.

Potager Table Cloth

Potager tablecloth, by The Sette: Cloe and Sophie founded The Sette to make mealtimes memorable and wow! Whoever you buy this for (Parents? Partner? You?) will give thanks for years to come.


HemDing platter, by Thorsten Van Elten: Can you hear that? It’s the sound of my heart singing. Each piece is unique as the handle is sourced by the maker. What. A. Gift.

‘Eat your greens’ linen napkins, by Lottie Mayland: Lottie taught herself to sew by YouTube in Lockdown, set up her business and now stitches beautiful vintage linen in joyful designs.

Basil and for vegetables

‘Eat your greens’ print, by Basil & Ford: Ideal for cooks, gardeners or anyone with taste. These vintage illustrations from the 1850s have been given a lovely modern twist by Matt & Lucy (AKA Basil & Ford).

Eat your greens

Chocolate vegetables, by Choc on Choc: These really do make wonderful presents because who doesn’t prefer naughty legumes? Wonderfully realistic and artfully made by a father/daughter team in Bath.

Crochet Carrots

Crochet vegetables, by Petit MushyP: The Suffolk-based designer and crochet artist behind these beautifully soft, timeless is not only incredibly talented at making, but she is also a busy mum of one and former neuroscientist.

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