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Einstein famously said that ‘creativity is intelligence having fun’. When we picture it, most of us might call to mind a favourite idea or song, but actually, creativity is so much more than that — it’s a state of mind, a way of approaching things, seeing life differently and, more often than not, optimistically. I’m a big believer that getting creative is the key to happiness and so I have curated a collection of pieces that will help you unleash the innovative, artistic, visionary within you.

Creative Juices bottle Vinegar and Brown Paper

Apothecary bottle, by Vinegar & Brown Paper: If you’ve ever wondered how you could bottle creativity, Andy from Vinegar & Brown Paper has come up with an elegantly etched solution (whether it’s gin or orange juice that gets the cogs turning).

Creative Confidence Book

Creative confidence, by David and Tom Kelley: Problem to solve? Idea hit a brick wall? The powerhouse duo behind design firm IDEO have identified strategies for unlocking the creative heart and soul in all of us.

Alphabet Pot

Alphabet brush pots, by Birdie Hall, from Pentreath & Hall: Bright, bold and full of bravado, these pots are pure graphic loveliness to keep your tools and brushes in. They’re made of glass and inlaid with gold vinyl so you can choose your initial or spell out a word in shimmering style.

Watercolour Matchbox

Matchbox paint set, by Lilian May Studios: The best things really do come in small packages. Lovely Will has created a pocket-sized, transportable collection of paints for outdoor creative excursions. From ochre to crimson, you can capture the natural world in all its glory, wherever you are.

Screen Printing Kit

Screen printing kit, by The Indytute: I’ve always loved customising my clothes and bags, and this screen printing kit from The Indytute makes it easy. Draw and print from the comfort of home and let everyone wonder who the genius behind your creations was.

Paint Pallette Brooch

Paint palette brooch, by Kate Rowland: A badge of honour for any artist, this colourful brooch is made by Kate with real dabs of colourful paint. It adds a lovely creative touch to your outfit and shows the world your wonderfully individual flair.

Paint your own Candle Sticks

Paint your own dinner candles kit, by Hearth & Heritage: If I’m hosting for friends and loved ones, getting the table ready is one of my favourite parts of the preparation. These lovely long candles by Hearth & Heritage allow me to go wild with my doodle pen and bring a unique touch and talking point to the party.

One sketch a day journal

One sketch a day journal, by Berylune: Fancy a little creative challenge each day? Capture the smiles and the sunsets, and even if you’re no Tracey Emin, you’ll have a lovely keepsake by the end of the year.

I know lino printing tool kit

Lino printing toolkit, by Creators Cabinet: If you’re not familiar with lino printing then you’re in for a treat. A fascinating form of fine printmaking, there’s an online workshop to talk you through carving your design and making your print so it really is a great way to try something new.

James Otter Do/Make Book

Do ‘make’ book, by The Do Book Company: Whether it be a ceramic pot or beans on toast, every one of us can be a maker. James Otter, a surfboard craftsman, teaches us how to reconnect with natural materials and rediscover the power of being hands-on.

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