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One-of-a-kind gifts


Is candle-aholic a word? If so then I am one. I always think candles can make such thoughtful gifts as they remind those you’re giving them to to slow down and enjoy the moment. Plus, anything that fills their lives with a lovely message, heavenly scent or the magic of flickering candlelight (instead of a phone screen) has got to be a good thing. Original finds like these can also be good for those you don’t know well.

Winter Spice Candle

Winter spice candles, by Our Lovely Goods: If ever a fancy candle had the power to transport you to cosy nights tucked up at home with family, it’s this one. Made of 100% natural soy, it’s so expertly scented, you’re not really giving a candle, you’re just giving joy.

Shine Candle

Shine candle, by Denim and Bone: This ceramic candle is handcrafted by Jillie Harkness, mum of Daisy Harkness, who is the founder of the brilliant Denim and Bone. We collaborated with her to make it as an exclusive product to feature in my book ‘Do what you love, love what you do’ to help the precious ones in your life shine.

Fruit Candles

Fruit candles, by Studio nomnom: Wonderfully realistic as you can see from this photo by A New Tribe. They smell as good as they look and are made from toxin-free wax.

Candle Charms Oklahoma

Guadalupe candle charms, by Oklahoma: I mean, look. Have you ever seen anything more beautiful or surprising? These are the kinds of gifts you give that you’ll suddenly see going round your friendship group because everyone wants them. Especially good for jewellery lovers.

Kintsugi Candle

Kintsugi candle, by Kina Ceramics: Inspired by Kintsugi; the Japanese art of repairing broken things with gold to remind us of the beauty of imperfections and that we’re made stronger by what we’ve gone through. These candles are made from fine English bone China and no two are the same.

Keep Going Candle

‘Keep going’ white jasmine candle, by Seven Seventeen: These candles don’t just smell good, they do good too. 10% of profits are donated to support mental health charities and Seven Seventeen has raised over £45,000 so far. The range has the most wonderfully positive messages too like ‘shine on’ and ‘All the love’. Lovely gifts indeed.

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