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Edible flowerpots left on a colleague’s desk? Caramel filled waffles through the post to cheer up Mum? Hand painted brownies for moi…I mean, Frank. Thanks to our wonderful UK independents, the choice of mouth-watering treats can be exciting and surprising. Nothing says ‘I adore you’ quite like a rainbow meringue kiss, an explicitly emblazoned chocolate bar or a do-it-yourself donut kit. I know the key to my heart is most definitely through my stomach. Who else?

Cake that looks like a flower pot

Edible flower pots, by Caketivate: When someone in the team went to the Chiswick Flower Market, it took a lot of convincing to prove to her that these were made of cake and not real roses. I don’t know how founder Liana does it. They’re delicately designed, wow anyone who sees them and taste utterly divine.

Loaded chocolate hearts by The Happy Mail

Valentine’s chocolate hearts, by The Happy Mail: What’s better than a chocolate heart? One that’s loaded with Biscoff, caramel and white chocolate drops, of course. In fact, thanks to The Happy Mail there are four taste bud blowing combinations you can fly through your special someone’s door.

DIY doughnut kit

Red velvet white choc DIY hot donut sundae kit, by Treats Club LTD: This would be such a fun date night activity, wouldn’t it? Founder Lungi recently featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and has a reputation for creating some of the best donuts in London. Who do you know that might relish some of these?

Floral jammie dodgers by Blushing Cook

Floral love jammy biscuit, by Blushing Cook: These elegant biscuits would have Mother Nature’s seal of approval, and they definitely have mine. Each one of these floral treats is hand decorated by Sammi using edible flowers grown in picturesque Devon — the perfect accompaniment to your loved one’s afternoon cuppa.

Marbled madelines by Dee's Basement

Valentine’s marble madeleines, by Dee’s Basement: Smothered in white chocolate and beautifully marbled, there are six vanilla madeleines in this set made by Dee in her confectionary studio of dreams in East London. If you have any other celebrations coming up, check out her bespoke creations, too.

Chocolate stroopwafel box by Born & Raised

Chocolate stroopwafel box, by Born & Raised: If you’ve never heard of a stroopwafel before, prepare to be amazed. A cinnamon biscuit filled with caramel and dipped in chocolate is a sweet combination, and the brainchild of ‘Waffleman’ Michael. Tempted? I am.

Chocolate that says 'fuck your diet'

‘Fuck your diet’ bar, by Choco Loco: Let’s throw the celery aside in favour of this sprinkled sweary masterpiece. Do you have a friend who enjoys a giggle or needs an excuse to eat the frigging chocolate? I can already think of about thirty people who this would tickle. How about you?

Bread with 'loved' stamped on it

‘Loved’ bread loaf, by Hobbs House Bakery: Celebrating 100 years of baking, we’re in safe ‘kneading’ hands with family business, Hobbs House Bakery. Their beautiful ‘loved’ loaf is great for making someone special their favourite sandwich with or how about throwing a Valentine’s get together for friends? Check out my top tips for hosting an ‘I love you’ brunch featuring this extra special sourdough.

Multi-coloured meringue kisses

Meringue kisses, by The Meringue Girls: Alex and Stacey caused a sweet storm when they started their business in 2012. Their team of female bakers whip these rainbow wonders into life. If your loved ones are tempted to have a go themselves, they’ve released two cookbooks filled with their sugary secrets that would make a great gift.


Luxury pink fizz brownies, by Happy Hour Cakes: Now, these are a real showstopper. If you’re looking to impress this Valentine’s Day, a pink champagne brownie with freeze dried raspberries, a Marc de Champagne dark chocolate ganache and hand painted hearts should do the trick. How fantastically fancy.


Rainbow sharks dark chocolate, by ARTHOUSE Unlimited: I spoke to lovely Becky on my podcast about her extraordinary charity that represents artists living with neuro-diverse and physical support needs. These delicious chocolate postcards have a tasty flavour range, and help support a talented group of creators doing what they love.

Need more inspiration? Try my Valentine’s gift guides for the little ones, decorating the home and lifting sad hearts. Did any of these treats tickle your taste buds? Do let me know in the comments below.


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