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What are you most grateful for? The opportunity to start something new? The support of your nearest and dearest? Five minutes’ peace to think? In the hectic chaos of life, it’s easy to let small moments of joy speed past us. Yet, it’s frequently been shown that taking a second to appreciate life’s blessings is brilliant for both our physical and mental health. Whether it’s ending the day jotting down the little things of wonder, or sending a lovely note to someone who made your day extra special, these mood-boosting finds will help feeling thankful become second nature.

mapology guide to gratitude

‘What’s with this gratitude thing?’, by Mapology Guides: Welcome to the City of Gratitude. This beautifully illustrated map will be your guidebook to appreciating every day. And the destination? A completely new and positive way of seeing the world.

Cushion with start each day with a grateful heart embroidered on it

Grateful heart plushie, by Nicola Rowlands: Snuggling up to this squishy cushion will be the squeeze you need to give thanks for each new day. It also makes a great gift for the minis in your life so they can learn to kick off each morning in the right mindset.

record of good things notebook

A record of good things, by Dept. Store for the Mind: The dog not chewing your favourite shoes? An exciting parcel in the post? Finishing your run? Note down the things that make being alive so wondrous in this notebook, beautifully decorated by Veronica Wood.

Grateful For Notebook

‘Grateful for’ journal, by Make & Mend Company: Keeping a journal is an excellent way of noticing your growth. This cheerful neon hand-stitched pink one from embroidery experts Rachel and Lyndsey is a thing of loopy loveliness and you’ll soon realise how far you’ve come.

Little notecards of gratitude

‘Little notes of gratitude’ notecard set, by Bread & Jam: Letting your loved ones know how much you value their support is made even sweeter by the positive messages emblazoned on these brilliant notecards. Thank you Bread & Jam. I can’t wait to send these to all those I’m thankful for.

Gratitude lavender bag

Gratitude embroidered lavender eye pillow, by YogaClicks: Made of French linen and brimming with Norfolk lavender, you’d be forgiven for feeling snoozy just reading about this pillow for your peepers. How relaxing to see stress and anxiety melt away before your very eyes. Just heat it up and give thanks.

strike for gratitude matchbox

‘Spark gratitude’ matchbox, by Cactws: These paper *faux* matches will be sure to set your imagination alight. With a prompt to inspire positive feelings, ideas and actions, there are over fifty ways to appreciate the opportunity that each new day brings.

Three good things gratitude notebook

‘Three good things’ gratitude notepad, by Angela Chick: Being on time for an appointment? A walk in the fresh air? A cuddle from your teenager? Listing three memorable moments from your trip around the sun reminds us there’s light on even the darkest day.

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