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10 year challenge

I look back at the Holly 10 years ago and wish I could whisper some truths into her ear. That the person she was trying to hide, was the version that would make things magical. That her heels and suit jacket didn’t matter. That trying to fit in with classic ‘business’ was what she had to break away from. That the essence of all she believed in, would be what saved it all. Saved her. That no one had the answer, they were all faking it. That her insecurities were shared by all and to not let them control her journey. I wish I’d told her how right her instincts were and that was the only business plan required. I wish I’d been able to take off her shoes and place glittery trainers by her feet and tell her not to fear feeling at peace with herself. I wish I could encourage her to embrace and be more open about her faults, lack of knowledge and inexperience. To show herself kindness and to not care about judgement placed or naysayers. That one day, because of being exactly herself, she’d be the happiest person alive. That she was clever enough, bright enough, ambitious enough, creative enough, good enough … she was enough♥️


  1. Jenny Verard

    you are totally inspirational, thank you, jenny

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