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A trip down memory lane

Yesterday, I was clearing a few old boxes and came across a notebook that I remember buying when I decided to set up Your Local Fair back in 2002. It was the most amazing thing to look through. Those initial hard days and seeing all that went into starting to build the very first foundations (including walking up and down many streets handing out leaflets!) I still remember the love of calling these magical small businesses all over the country and telling them about how I wanted to stage fairs that were different. The difference was I chose every single stall holder and they had to have a brand, be special and sell unique products. I can remember how excited I was when I got to meet the businesses and instantly connected as I too myself was trying to grow something.

Amongst the scrapbooks was a tattered diary from 2005/2006 where I have a note to ‘call Sophie’ to ask her if she was interested in taking the ’24 hour a day unique fair’ – online! It had notes of when to call certain Partners to get them on board and many of them are still selling on the site nearly 10 years on.

I can almost taste the excitement when I watched those first sales coming through and the calls I would make to the Partner just to squeal – that it was working! I reflected and realised that I am so happy that the last 13 years have been immersed in the promotion of what I would argue are the hidden army and the magic of this country – our creative small business community.

I can’t wait for the next 13 years and to continue this colourful journey.

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