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Are You Doing What You Love?

When I ask people the question ‘are you doing what you love, right now?’ they’re often stopped in their tracks, look away or say ‘ummmm’ in a higher pitch than normal! So I’ve created this fun way of taking a look at your everyday and asking yourself ‘Am I doing what I love?’

If you’re doing what you adore- AMAZING, well done, it’s not easy but isn’t it worth it! Keep up the hard work and be sure to stop and smell the roses!

If you want to start a business – you have the idea and the want, but haven’t taken the leap – now’s the time! Life is too short to sit around waiting for your idea to happen to you, only YOU can make it happen! If you don’t someone else probably will and then how will you feel!

And if you went a bit back, forwards and all over the place when reading the chart and are unsure of your path, don’t panic! Writing a passion list will help you figure out what the heck your ‘good life’ looks like and how to start working towards it! Write down every thing that makes you happy; the things you can do for hours and not notice time passing; what you’re good at and get satisfaction from. What talents do people notice you have? Somewhere in the meld of all those things will be the answer, it will be what you LOVE!

Anyway, hope you enjoy this retro throwback (reminds me of Just Seventeen the mag!) – please share it to help others take a moment to see if they’re doing what they love! Let’s help people have happy lives x

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