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Aspire To Inspire

Since speaking with @thebodycoach for this weeks episode of #conversationsofinspiration I’ve been thinking about not the 7 hrs he spends on his phone daily, but generally how social media impacts peoples lives and what the next evolution or trend will be. I want to use my platforms and voice for good and it’s important to keep check on how I do this!  BTW, this is not a #paidadvertisement or #ad!! Social media has created incredible opportunities for so many individuals and businesses, but much of this lacks longevity and most importantly AUTHENTICITY! The very word has been devalued due to overuse and misinterpretation – don’t you think?
Businesses and influencers should be striving to add value to the lives of their audience and to the world in general, be it a laugh, advice or spreading awareness; our content should be helpful and inspiring. Especially for the younger generation who have been raised in a time where social media is part and parcel of everyday life. I think about this so much at the moment.

At Holly & Co, part of our mission is to provide inspiration and advice in a real and relatable way. Be it our podcast, events or shops, everything we create is designed to help people. We stand for something (at least I try to!) and try our best to communicate our message, to foster connections and community – ‘collaboration’ over ‘competition’! So let’s ‘aspire to inspire’ and put our creativity and passion out into the world in a way that unites us, brings joy and is sustainable. Social media has proven its influence, good and bad, and we must actively pursue a new direction, both for us and for the next generation’s health and wellbeing.

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