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Be brave

One of the bravest things I think you can do in this life is to start a new business. Like a chick leaving the nest, you abandon everything that’s safe and secure, to spread your wings and fly. You hope that one day, you’ll be able to build a nest of your very own. You flip from uncontainable excitement to spiralling fear in the blink of an eye, with bird sized butterflies swirling in your stomach all the while.

But, your idea deserves a chance, it needs someone to back it. Your idea needs commitment and courage. It needs someone to stick by it, no matter what. Knowing that fear sits right next to excitement, has helped me. It’s made these mix of emotions make sense.

I never thought of it all, as bravery. Until someone turned around to me and called me the bravest person they knew. I’d always heard myself referred to as a risk taker, or words that weren’t necessarily pleasant or happy words. I was so touched that someone would actually look at what I did, in a far more positive and encouraging way – bravery. So just for a second, think about the fact that you are probably pretty brave, and pin this badge (really or metaphorically) to your chest with pride.

The ‘Be Brave’ badge by Bonbi Forest is available in the shop here.

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