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optimism be the most positive person in the room

Be the most positive person in the room

Optimism can sometimes be seen as weakness. Adding a positive scenario to the end of a gloomy conversation, or a ‘what if’, to divert the clouds descending too far, can be highly annoying to those who are more pessimistic. Over the course of my career, I’ve encountered countless situations where I tried or should I say, had to, contain my optimism. The recipients, didn’t want to hear it.They were in the place they were, and unless you agreed, you should pipe down. It was as if they made optimism an immature trait.

Now, let’s be clear, I can’t cope with ‘Tigger’s’! Where the default is to tell you that the sky will rain gold coins and that everything is just going to be ‘dandy’ – always. Nope! No room for ‘Tigger’s’ when I’m doing business. Optimism, when based on calculated weighing up. When the brain has been through it’s matrix, allowing its self to be open to all possibilities, all scenarios, all strategies and comes up with ‘another way’ – this is the optimism I’m talking about.

As an entrepreneur and someone who doesn’t really accept the word ‘no’, I have a default to look for the back door. The other way around something. I also use this technique when chatting to people and teams. Ask others this – If this had to be solved and there was a gun to your head, what would you do? Anything goes and the craziest of ideas are not that crazy – you will be surprised what happens. Firstly the air lifts and everyone is in a better mental space, because we humans prefer to be happy, than anxious. Allow others to share and encourage the ‘out there’ thinking. Then you have a platform to now land your ‘not so crazy’ idea that once would have looked a little ‘Tiggery’! Just remember, optimism and a way to create positive new scenarios, is so far from being immature. It’s the quality all leaders and innovators strive for. ‘Never give up, because you never know if the next try, is going to be the one that works’ – Mary Kay Ash. Also thanks to @notestostrangers (as ever) for filling my house, with your magical words.

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