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Best Self Eugenia Zoloto Paper Heart

Be your Best Self

I came across this gorgeous paper cut heart by Ukrainian artist @eugenia_zoloto on Instagram, and I actually stopped what I was doing to really look, and study the sheer beauty of it. I mean, how breathtaking is this work of art? How long must it have taken Eugina to carefully (and no doubt painstakingly) create this piece? ?

To me, this is a sign of someone at their very best; at the top of their skill and craft – an artisan, an expert. ? It got me thinking about the idea of being your best self, of doing your best work; how can we work to stay at the top of our game? This handmade heart triggered so much, that I got to reading and researching, so that I might share my learnings with you all. A few things:

  • Have balance: to keep being your best self, you need to work on the ‘yin and yang’ of your life. As much energy as your pour into your work, so too must you nurture your relationships, interests and hobbies. Often it’s the time when we’re not working, that inspires new ideas. (I definitely identify with this!)
  • Set your goals wisely: ambitious lists often remain exactly that. Don’t create negative mental clutter by setting unattainable tasks that will bring about bad feeling in time. Keep focused on today, with the occasional glimpse at the horizon.
  • Trust your gut: don’t be afraid to change course or even your goals as time goes on; what’s important to you and your success might shift as your circumstances do. Keep listening to your instincts for guidance.

I have to finish with this one of my favourite quotes by Sir Winston Churchill:

my tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best.




  1. Kathy Whyte

    Stunning in a word❤️

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