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Be Yourself

An image to remind us all, that there’s a reason we’re all here. The idea that any of us are meant to blend in, is highly mistaken. The chances of you being born…are you ready for this…. are ONE in 400 trillion! Yes, that’s right…the odds of you being here are so huge, your brain ? can’t really even get its head around it!
I love telling Harry that fact and watching his metaphoric feathers ruffling. Actually, I like reminding anyone and wish it was a well-known fact amongst us all. I once heard it from a special man called Sam and it’s stayed me forever. I thank my lucky stars for that moment in time – for so many reasons.
This image was in one of the first docs we created for Holly & Co, now nearly 5 years ago! And I love it for all it evokes within me.
Fancy spreading the message of how unique we all are? That we all have this opportunity to be the most colourful bird, flying again the norm, the grey, the naysayers, the doubt?

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