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Bed meetings

When I was younger the bed was for sleeping in – full-stop. Certainly, in my household, the sofa  was only ever an area where weary limbs could rest! If you had not finished ‘jobs’ or had shown great commitment to packing lots into the day, the sofa (TV!) was off limits.
I admire my parents (mums!) resolve to build my character and I’m positive it has served me well. I certainly know throughout the last 15 years, I deserve to rest when I decide I’m allowed to.
But, I’ve actually made ‘the bed’ a place that’s open 24/7 in our household. The ‘big sofa’ is a joy we love. Anything from Harry and I snuggling up to watch a movie to Frank and I enjoying tea  and biscuits in. I’ll happily and with no guilt tuck myself up on a Friday afternoon (normally bearly able to stand as I’m so tired from the week) and finish emails before the weekend. I treat this as the comfiest place to congregate and relax in. And I encourage ‘bed meetings’! The Founders meeting every two weeks is held on my bed  We give ourselves 2 hours and make tea. The agenda is worked on over the previous two weeks, accumulating subjects we need to talk about or issues we need to resolve. We plump up the cushions and after the initial 5 minutes where normally everyone just has to take ‘a moment’, as it’s very common we all feel we have done a days work and it is not even 10 am…. we get cracking! It’s the most perfect place to feel calm and relaxed in. We speak ‘the truth’ far more than if we were in a meeting room. We get down to the way we really feel and things are resolved quickly, but with true feelings being heard.
It helps that around us, are my amazing ‘Suffragette’ inspired flags that adorned the Congregation of Inspiration last year, made by the magnificent @alicegabb. There is a meditation bench if it gets too much!! The soft colours and powerful sentiments make the ‘big sofa’ a place I now treasure, for far more than just my dreams x

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