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Being a Small Business Cheer-Leader!

I fundamentally believe that leadership is not about being in charge, but far more about encouraging, supporting and cheering those around you on. Being a Cheer-Leader is what I like to call myself if referring to me being a ‘boss’. Success only happens you see, when the ‘energy’ is all moving in one forceful direction. So for you and those around you to be successful, you’ve got to concentrate on the invisible stuff – the energy. And energy isn’t bossed around or told to follow strategic choices. Energy is galvanised by belief. It’s nurtured through example. Harvested through time and understanding of those who are doing the heavy lifting Being there to pick up and prop up. It’s having the soul to listen and set aside ego. Cheer-Leading is about believing in others first and seeing the talent that lies beneath. Being the first to call out problems and fears one might face together. But the ‘together’ part is the focus. I know lots of leaders, some really good and some, where it’s more important that the word ‘leader’ (or whatever acronym they’ve been given) is pressed in gold on their business cards. Actually, this philosophy doesn’t just apply to business, it can apply to family or social circle. You can build people up and help them reach their full potential, in all manner of ways, in all types of situations – you just have to choose to wave those pom poms!

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