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authenticity pledge

Believe in something

I’m working on a talk at the moment, all about authenticity within your business and I thought I’d share a few interesting thoughts.

Firstly, the world we’re living in is changing and that’s down to the influence of this group we call – the Millennials. You’ll be surprised to hear, they’re not whippersnappers, but I’m one! Born between 1977-2000, this group of people are going to change the world. Why? Because research shows that a staggering 37% of them, will seek out a brand with purpose, and will even spend more on their product or service, to show their belief in what they do. Never had we had a group, where 1 in 4 have kids, that care so much, through their purchase behaviours.

Secondly, in a world that’s getting faster and faster, greyer and greyer – how do you stand out? Well, you matter. You stand for something colourful. You have a P.O.V. You don’t get lost in the whirlwind of retail. It’s not enough these days, to make, create or offer something that’s ‘sort of’ unique. No, you need to stand next to something that is actually, fully and undeniably – unique. That has your stamp on it and only you could have created it. Your dreams, your brush stroke, your tears, your genius. It’s not enough to undercut or make it land on doorsteps faster, today to succeed, you need to strive for creativity. You need to head straight for the ‘holding your breath’ moment as they experience what you’ve created.

And lastly, you need to tell your story. How, where, what, when and who you are? And you can’t make ‘good roots’ up! People will spot it a mile off. Your story needs to not just be a gap in the market, a margin, a factory in China or any financially driven ‘want’. People need to hear about your birth, struggles, dreams, creativity and basically, your authenticity. This photo is taken from a shoot Holly & Co did when launching. We asked anyone signing up, to take ‘the pledge’. A sign up process that was double the time of anyone’s and asked people to not only sign up, but promise some things. Think we might be coming back to this soon, as it still gives me goose bumps, and that’s exactly the ‘feel’ you get, when a brand authentically stands and believes in something! X

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