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Believe in your capacity to get it right

Whatever your ‘it’ is, trust you’re able to achieve what you’ve set out to do, and that success is well within the realms of your abilities. All too often we listen to the negative narrative in our heads (the voice of doom) and we let it steer us off course. Life being life, it never steers us into a land of happiness, but into a dark place. Here’s an idea; call that voice out, give it a name, decide what it looks like and become acquainted with it, so that next time it dares utter a word, you know it’s not your voice.

This Monday, above all else, believe in yourself. Even though we’ve heard this many times, a friend of mine always says, life is not a dress rehearsal; it’s not, and it’s yours for the taking. So, with that in mind, and Mr Gloom Voice named, what are you going to ‘go after’ today? 

I’m going to leave you with a quote from Oprah (I’m loving her right now) –

“Your life is a reflection of the way you think. . . . You are creating your own reality show every day, in every experience and every encounter. . . . What you believe in is what you become, and only one person can make a difference, and that person is you.”

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