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Betsy Benn

I was lucky enough to kick start 2016 with a Betsy Benn coffee. As we’d sat at different ends of the proverbial table for so long, I found it fascinating listening to ‘her take’ on growing a business. I loved the analogy of climbing a mountain, when describing her journey – “each year you walk along a path, dealing with the rocks and the unexpected beautiful views, but with a goal to make it around the mountain once.”

You realise at the end of the year that you’ve made it around but you’re now on another path, one run up. You can see the old path, but now you’re on a new, higher path, with it’s own joys and new obstacles. A different path but the same mountain’. I couldn’t help picture Betsy with her mountain boots on and pickaxe, climbing her Betsy Benn Mountain. I bet the signage is pretty awesome on her mountain!

We touched on ‘what is this all for’ and ‘where does it end’ and concluded it’s all about the journey. I was so impressed how she’d made changes to her journey in order to make it more enjoyable. She’d put herself back into the position of spending the majority of her time driving the creativity and product development of the business. Recruiting an A* team enabled her to get back to the thing she loves and boy, her business is flying because of that.

I shared a fact that I don’t think ‘us mums’ truly appreciate – that we’re all bringing up generations of children who are watching their mums (parents) create, start and then run their own businesses. How we spend too long (or I used to) thinking about the damage we’re causing and not focusing on what really matters – the positive long-term effect we’re having on our kids by them watching entrepreneurism so close up.

When you realise all our children will be entering a world where freelancers will be 50% of the workforce by 2020 – what better start in life could you possibly give them? So, Betsy Benn (Benn after the name of her son Ben and Betsy, a nickname given to her when she wanted to embark on anything crazy!) – thank you for being you. Where would we be without your imagination and those most famous Bus Blinds? I know, far less inspired.

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