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Black Friday

So here it is… the day we’ve all been dreading, or at worst looking forward to (regrettably).

In 2010 Black Friday didn’t exist and yet 7 years later we are looking to spend £1.8M per minute! That’s an 8% increase on last year and actually a faster rate of growth than in the US – and we don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving! How did that happen?

The thing is, in this difficult economic climate, it’s hard if you are struggling as a small business to not get involved. But I’m positive that your artisan hearts can’t bear the whole thing.

However, if this whole world of grey and madness is to stop (and, by the way, it sort of has to for the high street as they can’t sustain it, but also the consumer will get savvy to the trickery the giants have with prices and thus actually today, but more so the future, it isn’t really a saving) – shouldn’t we be leading the way?

Can’t this community, the underdogs, be responsible for shifting the mentality away from buying by volume and by price, to actually supporting quality, story, authenticity, and uniqueness? I think we can.

Black Friday needs to be eliminated from our community. It’s not a drug anyone wants to get addicted to. If the Apple and Selfridges of the world are in rehab, then we should pay attention. When the P&L takes such a hammering, or the brand takes 100 rounds in a boxing ring, it’s time to wake up.

So for those who are reliant on today, I wish you all the luck. For those who plucked up the courage to tell BF to F**k off – I salute you.

For me, Small is the new Black, and I’m clearing out my wardrobe.

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