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Brand Heart

Today I want to talk about something I call – your brand heart. I created this to try and help people understand how to make up the components of one’s brand. Just like a human, the heart is the beating driving force of the body. So this is why I called it a brand heart – it should be what makes everything in your business work, flow and exist. Whether you’re already running a business or are in the planning stages, figuring out what powers your businesses brand is crucial to its success.

Because humans are powered largely by emotion, it’s essential you create a brand that connects emotionally. This will be a key driver to customer loyalty and love. Which is why I created this device – the brand heart!

Once you have taken the leap and begun your business journey, you need to know how to communicate your message so that everyone else will fall in love with your brand. So, throughout this month and our Do What You Love, Love What You Do theme #hollysbusinessadvice will be focusing on this!

There are six pieces to your brand heart:

  • Skill – it’s your expertise, that thing that you do really well
  • Passions – including your passions will not only make you more motivated but it also creates a more unique DNA ?
  • Your story – people are more likely to trust your brand if they identify with your story!
  • Purpose – why are you doing this other than to make money? There’s a growing body of evidence showing that purpose-driven companies are more successful. In an ever-competitive world, people are not just looking for companies they trust and believe in.
  • Image – you are your brand, people buy into you, it adds a story to your products or services
  • Voice  – how the character of your business comes through in your words.

So this week I’m asking you to take half an hour out to fill in your brand heart. Then take a step back and see which pieces come easily… which sections you need to spend time developing? From this, create a list of prioritised actions that you can work on throughout the month to make sure your brand heart is beating strong!

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