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Bread and Jam

Every now and again, I like to catch up with some of my friends in small business who inspire me and see what makes them tick. Recently I talked to the wonderfully talented Bread and Jam, who kindly took the time to answer a few questions about what it’s really like behind the B&J doors of creativity.

Sum up your to-do-list today, in 10 words?

Long and varied and with a sprinkling of Christmas!

What’s the biggest misconception of running an SME?

That you have more time to spend with your family and that you can have days off whenever you feel like it. Our experiences prove that it can be the polar opposite of this, in reality we have worked harder and longer hours with Bread & Jam than in any other previous jobs we’ve had. We’re lucky in that our girls are very patient with us and we do try to find fun for all of us when the opportunity arises.

What lesson has influenced you the most?

Failure! We’re not talking about monumental failures (although we have had our share); we’re talking about the perseverance to carry on with an idea you believe in, in the face of a multitude of problems. Practise makes perfect as they say and it’s never a straightforward thing to bring good things to market. We failed so many times it’s becoming embarrassing but we always find a way of picking ourselves up and cracking on again.

When you dream about the future, what do you see?

Gold plated watches and speedboats! Failing that, a little place to call our own and to continue to be happy personally and contented professionally. We do love to explore the world and we’ve been lucky enough to see many wonderful places and spectacles but there are always more hidden gems to discover.

What’s possible now that wasn’t before?

Being able to think a bit further ahead. In terms of business, that translates into planning for major trading periods and being able to order stock volumes so we don’t run out. For us personally this means we can see beyond the end of next week, plan some fun times, which hopefully create happy memories for our two girls. We can also start thinking about our little cabin in the woods!

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