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Bright Sparks

Who do you surround yourself with?

A team you’ve hired, who work in your studio, office or bedroom? Or a group of people who support you – be that your parents, other halves, best friends or professional friends (those who give you free advice!) Whatever the ‘type’ of team you have, the truth is, you’re only as great as those in your gang.

As a manager, team leader or boss-type person, all you are is the megaphone of your team. Do you know the saying ‘you are what you eat’ ? The same rules apply here. Whether they think like you or totally opposite to you, have the skills you so desperately need to multiply ‘you’, the talents opposite to your own, or simply they only say “Yes, no problem!” or “No, I have a better idea!” Whatever it is, you just know when you have that perfect ‘colourful bright spark’.

Note: think carefully before you add more people to your world for so many reasons, not least, the fact that the colour can look perfect in the beginning, but the moment you strike that match, it’s a real chance that actually it turns out to be a dud. Just that process of finding this out can do so much damage to rest of your brightly coloured sticks of power. A withered, dark, charcoaled matchstick, doesn’t look great in the image above, does it? Beware the power of a struck match that hasn’t worked!

So, however small or large you are, only collect, nurture and treasure the brightest, most colourful matches and then carefully add and care for them in your business matchbox. The more brilliance you have around you, the brighter, more colourful your dreams will be.

Anyone collecting bright sparks?

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