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Bring Colour To Grey

When we started Holly & Co, one of our key missions was to bring colour to a very grey world of business. I’d just had it when it came to the ‘rep’ business was getting thanks to outdated programmes on TV, a high street run by grey-haired men and a world obsessed with making the business dark magic! The business was fucking amazing and colourful!
So with that philosophy, I’ve told everyone I work with, to bring their most colourful versions of themselves into Holly & Co every day. And what we’re building is 1000 times better off for it – in fact I know it wouldn’t be what it is if we weren’t bringing our full selves to the table, glitter trainers and all!! Because if someone isn’t expressing their whole self, what might they be leaving behind?!
In a world that seems to be painfully constrained with keeping within the imaginary boundaries we set ourselves and each other, how will you bring colour to what you do today? It’s those who are brave, those who embrace ‘crazy’ that stand out. People are drawn to those who DON’T blend in. Maybe it’s time to take a good look at the people, brands, places, music etc. that you’re drawn to and figure out why you are drawn to them, and if you are reflecting that in the way you live. Allowing yourself to think, live and be all the wonderful colours you’re meant to be!
We had these gorgeous mini banners made up especially for The Congregation of Inspiration, to match the GIANT ones that adorned the church! You can pick one up as your own colourful reminder on now!

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