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Bringing Inspiration To The Nation

First Conversations of Inspiration LIVE – launched. What an evening that was! I actually do not know where to begin…it had such a wonderful spiritual feeling in the air, obviously helped by the fact that all our events are held in churches – but there was so much magical energy in the room. From the team and the momentous effort they put into making it such a magical night, to the brilliant gospel choir who kicked off the whole affair with ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child.  Thomasina, the founder of Wahaca, and her wonderfully honest account of her life and how she ended up becoming this amazing woman and entrepreneur (serious girl crush going on now!), to the moment the entire room stood and repeated our ‘Good Life’ pledge. Lightbulbs all over the place, flags flying in the spirit of the night and with ‘ginspiration’ to hand… I just couldn’t be happier.

Full of nerves all day, to the point that I actually couldn’t feel my arms! Glasses fogging up during my ‘live’ interview, a few slides in the wrong order, logistics going a little topsy turvy and ending the night loading lorries  with the team – events are not easy! But, being surrounded by all who came at the end of the night, talking about everyone’s business and doing a few selfies (!), laughing, crying and hugging, well, who is the luckiest person ever? ME  Thank you to all who came, you lit up the room and you supported me throughout. I do hope you had fun, learnt, felt and are full of inspiration. I can’t wait to tour this event with NatWest this year.

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