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Celebrating my ‘glitter scaffolding’

The support one needs in order to launch, grow or run your own business can’t be underestimated, especially when dreaming up and launching your own enterprise. It’s relentless. 

My dear Frank has seen me through three launches. He was there right at the beginning when I created Your Local Fair and would stand by my side, whatever I was asking him to do. Carrying the stall holders tables, handing out leaflets, taking people’s 50p entrance fee or be there defending me when I was being blamed for a rainy day! 

He was there holding my hand as we launched Eventually, giving up his own career to become a stay at home dad, because for us, it was important one parent was at least at home with Harry. He was there when seas were so stormy we didn’t know we’d survive, and stood by me, however painful it became.

But there were also high points to celebrate, and he always made sure there was fizz in the fridge, be it out first thousand or million we hit. 

Now, when I said ‘never again’, I’m sure he said that too! Never again did we want to go through what it takes to start up a new business. But life doesn’t always run to plan, and for us, there was no choice. We saw what was needed to help people and their dreams and Frank knew only I could do it. He became my biggest cheerleader. 

He allowed us to financially back and risk a great deal, to build Holly & Co. At the start the whole house was full of people for two years, as we grew our idea. He helped paint the walls of our new office etc and generally just did  whatever it took to let this little vessel, set sail. 

So I dedicate this post to not only a rare picture of us both (!), but to my Frank who for 15 years has been my glitter scaffolding. Propping me up; keeping our family happy and supported. I couldn’t, can’t and now don’t want to do it without him. ❤️

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