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Change your story

Just because you started something one way, doesn’t mean that you can’t change your story going forward. It certainly doesn’t dictate that you’re caught. We only feel trapped because of the over thinking that we all tend to do.

I help so many businesses who’ve seemed to end up somewhere that isn’t familiar. It’s not where they began, and to be quite honest, they don’t really know how on earth they reached this destination that doesn’t make them happy.

So, change. Just do it. Turn over a new leaf, or screw ithe page up and chuck it in the bin! Start again. It’s only our exhaustion, anxiety and will that tells us to just ‘carry on’. You did it once and you can do it again… believe me.

Yes, it will be hard, it might even be complicated, and some might think you’re mad. But if you listen hard, you’ll hear your inner voice telling you that you are utterly right; and you need to listen hard, if you’re to survive. Not only survive in a financial sense, but in a mental sense. The fact is, unless you’re happy and I mean really happy with what you are and who you’ve become, the finances of your business will start to dwindle. Fact! 

You know what they say ‘Happy Soul, Happy Business’….XX

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