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Chief Emotioneer

We make 35,000 decisions each day and 95% of these are based on our emotions! You wouldn’t believe this, but it’s true! One of the reasons you’d think this couldn’t possibly be true, is the way the external world communicates with us. Facts, figures and the hard and fast reasons ‘why’ you must choose this product and why this price is better than another. Sure, that’s important when you might be looking for a vacuum cleaner. You ‘feel’ nothing for any brand in a particular industry and so who ever gets your attention with the best price etc – wins.

But, have you ever thought about why many of us reading this, will own certain vacuum cleaner brand that costs x 20 to the rest? What brand out there told you about technology which aircrafts use? The story behind a man who was a crazy British inventor? Who spent 20 yrs inventing and made 5,000 prototypes. Who thought it was important to make something so utilitarian look cool – because design matters to the subconscious? Of course Dyson. They knew that if you ‘felt’ something for the brand, knew the story of the man behind it, that the world of ‘vacuum’ cleaners’ could be revolutionised. Or, how about brands who are all about ‘fact’ all year round, and then suddenly, at Christmas (NOT a coincidence!) everyone gets a little soppy. Bunnies come out, WW2 soldiers play football and mums working night shifts! Brands seem to get it when it’s very important to sell a HUGE amount of things. But it’s all a little obvious!

Now, the big boys can do what they want as they have the money to throw around and burn. But, for the small guys and girls, what lesson is in the original fact? Well, have you ever asked yourself if your brand makes your customer ‘feel’ something? Yes, they might raise a smile when looking at your illustration, but is there anything more apart from appreciation of ‘a craft’. Be honest.

It’s a great thing, if actually, when you look at your business in the mirror – there isn’t much depth. Because now, armed with this knowledge, you have the opportunity to start to build something that connects on a greater and deeper level. Watch what happens!

Humans run on emotions. They survive on stories that connect. We make purchase decisions, primarily using the way we ‘feel’ about a brand.

This is an area I will be talking about more and more. I give talks on the power of emotion within business: and that is why the most lovely @chameleonwallart sent me this pin. I totally love it and will wear it and the title you adorned me, with pride.

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