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Co founders Garrie

Co Founders

I’m taking a moment to think of all that I’m grateful for, before returning back to HQ. These are my co founders – Carrie and Gabriella. To me and the team, they’re known as Garrie. Two people, different opinions, but shared vision. They are quite honestly magical and Holly & Co would not even be alive, if it wasn’t for their brilliance!

They saw something in me, I couldn’t see at the time. They took all my broken pieces and were the kintsugi in my life. They brought me back to life and then blew as hard as they could, so my feathers felt the wind again. They picked me up as I fell and pushed me back out again. They brought me back to life, so that my wings were strong and colourful enough to wrap around this team and our mission. Our mission to help all who want to create a business, be able to do so. A business that makes them happy and brings profit. This journey is a long one and so even though it’s not an easy ride, there are no two people I’d rather share this journey with.

No doubt Gabi bought/co created this mug set for Carrie, as it’s my sisters birthday today! Happy birthday to my co pilot Carrie. Occupying the ‘Margaret’ seat for the last 14 years with me (Alan)! I’m truly grateful to you both x

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