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Coffee O’Clock

Tick Tock, coffee o’clock!

Taking a huge intake of breath this morning as I look at my to-do list that’s packed sky high with so much I’ve got to get done. I also admit some of these tasks have been sitting on the list for weeks and I’ll honestly scream if I see them in the same place tomorrow! So I’ve given myself a pep talk. Here’s my plan:

  1. Refresh the list: I’m going to run through the list and start a new one, but this time they’ll be listed in priority. I’ll write a letter next to the task (so A has to get done today/urgent/stop avoiding and F is not a priority) on the old list. This means when writing my new list – it’ll be in the right order! Great if you write a new list each day like I do.

  2. I’ll be timing my activities: I hear efficient people set a time for each task and work hard to keep on schedule. I’m going to log my time on conversations and activities this week and then spend next week setting specific times for similar activities and work to reduce the time spent.

  3. Plan, plan plan: I find myself wasting time when I’ve not created a clear planned path. Spending time upfront and planning how to get from A to Z is actually being highly efficient. I’m going to consider potential challenges and who is responsible for what – first! Try and cross as many potential bridges as possible so I can plan thoughtfully when things aren’t straightforward!

  4. Communicate clearly: Last week I wasted so much time as I was in a rush and just didn’t give clear instructions. So this week no more fast emails. I’m going to spend an extra 10 minutes making sure that I craft emails with care and the exact language necessary to get the desired effect. Fingers crossed.

I’m also going to find an online stopwatch and give myself 45 minutes for each important task. I’m hoping that these huge looming numbers on my rather massive screen, wearing my glasses will have the desired effect! Here’s hoping!

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