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I don’t think ‘collaboration’ is something I can say I’ve done huge amounts of. Of course, a great deal went on whilst building NOTHS and definitely I collaborate now on my next journey, but for some reason, maybe it’s the way I’m viewing it specifically, I tend to think I’ve not ‘creatively collaborated’ lots. I see creative co-lab as people or businesses, coming together to build/create something they know, with the creative diversity of the group, will result in something far more powerful, than its origin.

I’ve always wanted to creatively co-lab and I’m sure lots of you out there have, but thinking about it, my co-lab past has been chequered. Sometimes I’d go to co-create and you’re told what you want to hear, but then you find a nice fee attached or when I’ve tried to creatively co-lab with teams, I realised a very important thing – you need to share the same vision, mission or idea to start with.

It’s all very well bringing different skills, sides of the brain and disciplines to the table, and some can badge this as a ‘collaborative process’, but for me, co- lab only really works with a few special, chosen people. People who understand not only your vision, but understand it’s temperature, heart, soul, taste and mission.

Collaboration sounds easy, but you should choose wisely who you do this magical dance with. A miss match can be draining on the Paracetamol. When though, you find it, find the right pieces to your jigsaw puzzle – bang, wizz and pop, your world is never the same again. You realise the true mystery and beauty of what co-lab means.

Co-lab, when right, divides the task, multiplies the success and turns something magical, in ways that you only dreamt of. We should all collaborate more, find that perfect match, as this can open so many doors we never expected. I know my future with Holly & Co is based in collaboration (hence to Co!). We’re entering more and more of a ‘collaborative economy’ and as proof just Google co-working spaces or hubs. Maybe you’ll find your missing jigsaw piece.

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