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Colourful Flock

The photographer, Gray Malin, once read an article when he was younger about a Scottish sheep farmer who had coloured the fleeces of his flock in an effort to deter thieves. This vision stayed with Gray for seven years, until one day, he turned his dream into a reality.

Gray’s photography project is called ‘The Dream Series’ and it’s easy to see why. The sheep’s coats were the result of working with expert Australian sheep farmers to create and apply a non-toxic vegetable dye, that rinsed off with water. The sheep’s coats turned deep purple, bold yellow and clear green, becoming something from another world as they roamed in the grassy terrain. “Sheep, quite literally from the word, are sheepish, they do not command attention but rather seek to blend in with the crowd. Like humans, they have trouble leaving their flock and prefer to stay where they are safe and comfortable.” Malin explained in his artist statement.

I loved finding this story, as not only do I now very much want my own herd of colourful sheep (!), but it made me think about the notion of ‘your flock’ and dreaming in general.

Malin showed us, however crazy our dreams appear to be, in reality, they can be something the world finds truly beautiful. Actually, the more out there they are, the more likely it will stop people in their tracks. Maybe not everyone will ‘get it’, but your flock (customers, friends, followers, family) will be fully appreciative and let’s face it, that’s what matters.

I’m feeling inspired, I’m dreaming, I’m creating, and I’m comforted that I’m very aware of who my flock is. Always feeling very loved, safe and comfortable amongst my own virtual colourful gang of sheep.

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