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Connecting the dots

Oh goodness, those dots just keep connecting. Mum gave me this the other day. A t-shirt she found from when I was two. Crazily, I remembered it and knew it had been my favourite. There I must have been, standing in my personalised shimmering t-shirt at two (pot belly sticking out) with not a clue where my life was going. The fact NOTHS started and that personalised t-shirts for children are one of our biggest categories must just be a coincidence? Never. My mum had searched out this tiny business that made these back in 1979 and I think it was kept to remind me that the ‘dots’ are very much alive.

I’m now very aware of my home, my treasures, my clutter and look for the clues life has made me keep. They have been kept (I now like to think) to remind me that I’m on the exact path I’m meant to be on. The other day a few things and conversations happened that left me in no doubt that my dots are not just connection but ‘vibrating’. This means that the universe is trying to tell me that I am so close to what is meant to be and where I am meant to go that my dots start going crazy with energy! Vibrating dots! How exciting.

Make sure you listen out for yours. Does anyone have any dots ‘connecting’ at the moment? Let me know in the community!

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