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Creative wardrobe

My life changed a few years ago, when I decided that in order to be who I truly was, I had to change up my wardrobe and ditch the heels.

I realised that you didn’t need to wear the LKbennett tube dress, double spanx and shoes that made you walk as if you were on tiptoes?, to be successful. I know that for some women, wearing a suit and heels fills them with confidence, but that just wasn’t me anymore. Heels somehow had a way of keeping me from being fully present, from living in the now. There were times when I was just so focused on the discomfort and pain, and for what? For who? It was time to ditch them for good.

The most life changing moment was being able to bring my true self to work; kaftans, glitter trainers, and bracelets and chunky rings. I realised I didn’t need to look like everyone else to be respected in business; my outerwear didn’t detract from who I was, inside.

However, I know it’s different for every industry; I have a friend who runs her own restaurant, and unless she wears heels and a suit to work, her chefs don’t take her seriously. Yet more glass ceilings to break!

Since starting Holly & Co, I’ve started a glitter trainer tribe; all of us have multiple pairs that we wear to work, brightening up our days. There’s something about slipping on gitter footwear and spreading the sparkle. Have you got a creative wardrobe?


  1. paula Luke

    Fabric is my forte...creating the unbelievable from that old"chuck away"transforming old to new,repairing recreating cloth,leather,fur,even shoes to new designs. creative ideas for everybodys wardrobe! Currently customising denim........."jaw dropping designs"on jackets, Commissions Welcome!.

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