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Creativity is food for the soul

I am realising more and more why we all do what we do. Don’t get me wrong I get the face value of running our own ships  and would say that this is my currency, but maybe it’s age….I’m understanding it on a deeper level as the years go on.
I was sitting on the train  yesterday, off to record a podcast with an amazing human being and I realised, well I double took if I am honest, that this wasn’t the best part of the day.
Let me explain, when you find yourself in corporate life, or in a dream that’s grown so much further than the sparks at the start, you’ll find yourself swallowed up with 99% of life that seems miles away from your creative flow. What you used to love and enjoy so much that you couldn’t wait for the night’s sleep to pass, so you could do it all again tomorrow – is a memory. So when I was chugging along yesterday, I realised that what I’d been doing all morning and what I was going to do all afternoon was equally as creative, important, meaningful and futuristic – I am in my flow.
I have been released into this next chapter of my life to shift dials considerably, using creativity. I have a team who are only trying to keep me in my flow. That this is my moment.
So for anyone reading this today who’s considering a shift – take action. Understanding the joy you feel when you find yourself in your own flow, only to feel it’s captured within a ration book as you head back to your day job, I beg you, I challenge you, I applaud you – make the change this year. Remember us humans are only but animals and just like fish who need the sea to swim and birds who need the air to fly – we need flow to dance to life

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